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We are proud to serve those who serve us:
Exclusive benefits for servicemembers or civilian employees of NATO member countries’ armed forces who are stationed abroad.

We specialize in serving NATO servicemembers or civilian personnel on a military tour abroad, e.g.

  • Personell stationed at the joint NATO bases in Norfolk Virginia, USA / Bydgoszcz, Poland / Incirlik, Turkey / etc.
  • Members of NATO armed forces stationed in Germany
  • Deployed servicemembers or civilians of the German Armed Forces
    (Soldaten oder Zivilangestellte der Bundeswehr (Heer, Luftwaffe, Marine) in Auslandsverwendung)

Enjoy unique advantages of our program:

  • set prices with amazing savings – no battle necessary with local salesmen
  • cars for private or official use
  • we offer new (tailor-made) cars as well as new or certified pre-owned cars from the factory stock
  • tailor-made Volvo that meets the required specifications for Europe
  • dedicated English- and German-speaking staff – at your side before, during and after the order process
  • assistance with registration, taxes, insurance and other formalities in Germany
  • trade-in support for your existing vehicle
  • optional warranty extension or pre-paid maintenance plans incl. wear & tear
  • complete range of genuine Volvo accessories
  • flexible delivery options:
    • one of our locations in Germany: Hanau (near Frankfurt) or Leimen (near Heidelberg)
    • Factory Delivery Experience in Gothenburg, Sweden – the home of Volvo

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