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Exclusive benefits for servicemembers or civilian employees of NATO member countries’ armed forces (Bundeswehr, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, Canadian Armed Forces, etc.)

We specialize in serving NATO servicemembers or civilian personnel on a military tour abroad, e.g.

  • Personell stationed at the joint NATO bases in Norfolk Virginia, USA / Bydgoszcz, Poland / Incirlik, Turkey / etc.
  • U.S. Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps) servicemembers currently stationed 
    outside USA (on PCS/TDY orders) or within 30 days following station overseas
  • Members of NATO armed forces stationed in Germany 
    (USA, United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Portugal, etc.)
  • deployed servicemembers or civilians of the German Armed Forces
    (Soldaten oder Zivilangestellte der Bundeswehr (Heer, Luftwaffe, Marine) in Auslandsverwendung)

Choose between different country specifications:

  • U.S. spec
  • Canadian spec
  • European spec

Enjoy unique advantages of our program:

  • tailor-made Volvo – pick the packages and options that suit you best
  • set factory prices with amazing savings – no battle with local salesmen
  • dedicated English- and German-speaking staff – at your side before, during and after the order process
  • assistance with registration, insurance and other formalities in Germany
  • international warranty
  • flexible delivery options:
    • one of our locations in Germany: Hanau (near Frankfurt), Heidelberg, Mannheim or Karlsruhe
    • VIP Factory Delivery Experience in Gothenburg, Sweden – the home of Volvo
    • direct shipment to many places in Europe and North America (stateside delivery) as well as ports throughout the world

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