Owning a Volvo means more than just owning a premium automobile.
It means a premium ownership experience. 

Volvo has an extensive service network in most parts of the world. All authorized Volvo workshops world-wide can carry out repairs under the Volvo warranty. 

Please find below the contact details of the workshops of our cooperation partners in Germany, sorted from North to South.
Kindly call to book an appointment for maintenance or other repairs (if your car is in a not drivable, please scroll down for information on our roadside assistance program):

Hanau (near Frankfurt) Auto Amthauer +49 6181 9105-0 Moselstraße 64
63452 Hanau
Mannheim Autohaus Geisser +49 621 72065-0 Ladenburger Straße 51-53
68309 Mannheim
Leimen (near Heidelberg) Autohaus Geisser +49 6224 98772-0 Elly-Heuss-Knapp-Straße 2
69181 Leimen
Karlsruhe Autohaus Geisser +49 721 56500-0 Sudetenstraße 75
76187 Karlsruhe
Karlsdorf Autohaus Geisser +49 7251 9454-10 Im Ochsenstall 17
76689 Karlsdorf
Rastatt Autohaus Geisser +49 7222 93111-0 Kehler Straße 25-27
76437 Rastatt



Volvo Roadside Assistance
The Volvo assistance services are applicable 24 hours a day for vehicles purchased through our program (restrictions apply). The assistance services are provided for the duration of two years after delivery and may be extended for those cars maintained at Volvo workshops. So that you can get on with living life – and still be excited about owning a Volvo after that new-car smell begins to fade.
Our roadside assistance service will try to repair your Volvo on spot. If that’s not possible you will benefit from the following services (subject to reasonable conditions and stipulations):
  • Towing to an official Volvo workshop
  • Accommodation -or- rental vehicle -or- return to place of residence or continuation of journey
  • Recovery of the repaired vehicle
  • International message services, banking arrangements, spare parts dispatch
Whenever there is something that keeps you from driving your Volvo, please call:

  EU / German spec cars
bought from 01-Jan-2019
U.S. spec cars
in Germany 0800-9393900 +49 89 76764074
outside Germany +49 221 9393930 Please refer to your Volvo Assistance booklet for all European phone numbers or call +33 4 72171348 to ask for the correct number of your current location.
  …or push the “ON CALL” button in your car or Volvo Cars smartphone app. Please identify yourself as a Volvo Car Overseas Delivery customer.