Our Programs

Sales 8Dec15

Buy your new Volvo with factory pricing and many more advantages through our programs that are tailored to your needs:

Diplomat Program
serving personnel at embassies / consulates, United Nations (Main org, UNESCO, IBRD, World Bank, etc.), European Union (commission, parliament, institutions, agencies, e.g. European Central Bank – ECB, European Space Agency – ESA, EUMETSAT) and other international organizations (NATO, OECD, etc.)

Military Program
our program for soldiers and armed forces civilian personnel stationed away from home

Expat Program
for those working abroad we offer Volvos with local specifications for temporary use – or those of your home country for you to take back home

Tourist Program
U.S. citizens visiting Europe and looking for a special souvenir from Scandinavia can order a custom-built Volvo that will be shipped directly to their home. Please contact us for details.