Working for a private company and moving to Germany? Find your best car deal while living abroad! Our program ensures mobility for expats looking for a car to drive in Germany. Safe and hassle-free purchase.

Finding a car often is one of the top priorities for expatiates when they plan or begin their posting.
Our expert English-speaking specialists will advise and assist you with all the details you need for a safe purchase.

Just a few benefits: 

  • no need to battle with a local salesman in a foreign country:
    we offer fixed pricing; what you see is what you pay
  • German specification: Rest assured that your new Volvo meets all legal requirements
  • we offer new (tailor-made or already existing), single-day registered or certified pre-owned vehicles
  • not interested in buying? we also offer Volvos for short-term or long-term rental
  • dedicated English- and German-speaking staff – at your side before, during and after the order process
  • assistance with registration and other formalities in Germany
  • in-house financing or leasing for those on German payroll
  • one-stop shop for all car-related services including vehicle insurance with very attractive rates even for those without existing – insurance history / no-claims bonus
  • optional warranty extension or pre-paid maintenance plans incl. wear & tear
  • complete range of genuine Volvo accessories
  • trade-in support for your existing (EU spec) vehicle
  • take delivery at one of our locations in Germany: Hanau (near Frankfurt) or Leimen (near Heidelberg)

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