Leasing, Financing & Insurance

Financial Services

If you have residency in Germany and work on German payroll, we can offer two financing solutions:

Leasing: If you want to have maximum flexibility, this offer could be for you. The monthly rate is calculated based on your annual mileage. Available with or without initial down payment. At the end of the leasing term you just return the car to us. Any damages to the car or additional kilometers will be billed separately.

Classic car loan: Pay off your new vehicle at a fixed monthly rate. Available with or without initial down payment. At the end of the financing term you can either keep the car or sell it on the local market.



If you have residency in Germany and register your new Volvo on German plates you can benefit from Volvo’s (VCIS) “Schwedenversicherung” (Sweden Insurance). Favorable insurance rates and easy handling in connection with your car purchase are only two advantages of this offer.

The basic insurance modules include:

  • The third-party vehicle insurance covers the costs of property damage and personal injury to third parties in the event of an accident caused by you.
  • The partial coverage insurance covers the repair costs in the event of unforeseeable damage, such as natural disasters, burglary or theft.
  • The fully comprehensive insurance includes all benefits of the partial coverage insurance. In addition, it also covers the repair of damages to your own car in the event of accidents or vandalism for which you are responsible.

Additional benefits:

  • 12 months purchase price compensation for new cars with total loss or loss by theft. This can be extended to 24 months (optional).
  • The insurance covers damage caused by a collision with animals of all kinds.
  • Animal bites and subsequent damages of up to 10.000 EUR are covered.

Optional modules include: loaner car while your Volvo is in the workshop after an accident, no-claims bonus protection, foreign damage protection when driving abroad.

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If you had an accident, please call 0800-42 00 107 (available 24/7/365) for insurance-related assistance.
Please see this page for information on Volvo’s roadside assistance.