…and here’s the beef!

...and here's the beef!60 years Volvo Diplomat & Military Sales and
60 years Luigi Pelosi, owner of A.V.U.S.-Automobile:
That requires a celebration!



Your birthday menu:

the celebration takes place from 1st April 2016 through 24th April 2016
(our offer is also suitable for vegetarians, of course)



Serving Suggestions


European specification

2017 Volvo XC60 D3 26.060 EUR  (diplomat / military base price)
Anniversary Offer: Summum Trim 1.532 EUR you save: 2.208 EUR (= 60%)
Anniversary Offer: Diplomat Pkg. 60 EUR you save: 1.295 EUR
Anniversary Offer: Base metallic 60 EUR you save: 560 EUR
¬†¬†27.712 EUR¬†+ birthday present¬†ūüôā


U.S. specification

2017 Volvo XC60 T5 36,950 USD  (diplomat / military base price)
Anniversary Offer: Preferred Opt. Pkg. 780 USD you save: 1,170 USD (= 60%)
Anniversary Offer: Advanced Package 1,000 USD you save: 1,500 USD (=60%)
Anniversary Offer: Climate Package 620 USD you save: 930USD (=60%)
Anniversary Offer: Base metallic 60 USD you save: 500 USD
¬†¬†39,410 USD¬†+ birthday present¬†ūüôā

all prices ex factory (Sweden pick-up)